Cobbler Creek Recreational Park | Salisbury SA

Cobbler Creek Recreation Park is an award winning regional trail hub with nature play, flow trails, pump tracks, BBQ's, toilets, playground and extensive mountain bike and walking trails.

Castle Cove Skills Park | Castle Cove NSW

In conjunction with Trailscapes, Birdseye Studios have assisted in revitalising this iconic park and detailed numerous highly technical features within an established site for both mountain bike and BMX riders.

Nordhaven | Copenhagen Denmark

An international ideas competition was commissioned by the Danish Government and the City of Copenhagen to develop and reinvigerate the entire Port Region of Nordhaven. The overall vision was to create a sustainable city district of the 21st Century that could serve as a lighthouse because of its innovative and future orientated solution to meet the challenges of climate change and resource consumption. The Spatial and Structural Plans detailed a spatial concept for the overall urban architecture and entire urban foundation and a main spatial concept for each individual district. A hierarchy of parks, water areas and pocket parks, squares and recreational facilities on and at the water illustrated hierarchies or urban life. The plan presented proposals for overall traffic infrastructure to the rest of Copenhagen to promote the use of public transport and bicycles and inspire people to walk instead of driving.

Previous Projects | Masterplanning

Avenues of Honour Conservation Management Plan, 2017

Murray Coorong Trail, 2016

Anstey Hill Recreation Park, 2016

Adelaide Parklands, Park 27 Masterplan,  2013 - 2015, Aspect Studios

Holdfast Bay Gullies Masterplans,  2013- 2014,  Aspect Studios

Sturt River Linear Park, Coromandel Valley, Stages 2 and 3,  2013- 2015,  SPA/ Aspect Studios

Cobbler Creek Trail Planning Study,  2012,  Aspect Studios/ IMBA

Elliston Coastal Trail,  2011- 2015, Aspect Studios

City of Marion Coastal Walking Trail,  2012, SPA/ Aspect Studios

LeFevre Penninsula Open Space and Recreation Masterplan,  2011 SPA

Sturt Gorge Linear Park Masterplan,  2011,  Aspect/ SPA

Lysterfield Mountain Bike Trails Upgrade,  2011,  SPA/ IMBA

Kangaroo Island Walking Trails,  2010,  SPA

Buckland Park Masterplan and EIS, 2010, SPA

Belair National Park Pilot,  2010,  SPA/ IMBA

Tainmundilla Masterplan,  2009,  SPA

City of Mitcham Trails,  2008,  IMBA/ SPA

Mildura Riverfront Masterplan,  2008,  SPA

Murray Bridge Floodplains Masterplan, 2007, SAW




Previous Projects | Urban Design

Calvary Hospital, 2017

Hanson Reserve Velodrome, 2016

Mawson Green, 2016

Adelaide Central Markets Activation, 2015





Previous Projects | Recreation and Trails

Fox Creek Cycling Hub, 2017

Zhe Jing, Ningbo Skate and BMX Park, 2017 Trailscapes

Burnside Trail Strategy, 2017

Red Hill Skills Park, 2016 Trailscapes

Castle Cove Skills Park, 2016 Trailscapes

Murray Coorong Trail,2016

Elliston Coastal Trail,  2016

Mt Remarkable Summit, 2016

Sturt River Linear Park Coromandel Valley, Stages 2 and 3,  2013-15,  SPA/ Aspect Studios

City of Marion Coastal Walking Trail,  2011- 2012,  SPA

Cobbler Creek Trail Planning Study 2012-13,  Aspect Studios/ IMBA Australia

Sturt Gorge Linear Park Masterplan,  2011,  SPA

Lysterfield Mountain Bike Trails Upgrade,  2011, IMBSA/ SPA

Port Lincoln National Park Stamford Hill Trail Upgrade,  2010,  SPA

Kangaroo Island Walking Trails,  2010,  SPA

Belair National Park Trail Pilot,  2010,  SPA 

Tainmundilla Masterplan,  2009,  SPA

City of Mitcham Trails,  2008,  IMBA/ SPA

Mildura Riverfront,  2008,  SPA


Previous Projects | Play

Hanson Reserve Playspace, 2017

Cobbler Creek Recreation Park Adventure Playground, 2016

Semaphore Playground Upgrade, Semaphore,  2014-1015,  Aspect Studios

Mawson Green Playground, Meadows,  2014-2015,  Aspect Studios

Hart's Mill Surrounds, Port Adelaide,  2013-2014,  Aspect Studios

Kardi Yarta Playground, Osbourne,  2012-2013,  SPA

Lady Ruthven Playground,  North Haven,  2012-2013,  SPA

Lanyard Park Playground,  Seaford Meadows,  2010,  SPA



Hart's Mill Surrounds | Port Adelaide SA

The brief for this project was to provide a catalyst for Urban Renewal in Port Adelaide. The Hart's  Mill Project has been a resounding success in activating this formally disused industrial site with Ben designing, documenting and delivering this significant urban renewal project whilst with aspect. 



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